Production demands can be unpredictable. The quality of your workforce shouldn’t be.

At FootBridge, we deliver the people you need to meet the challenges of cyclical demand and time-sensitive production schedules. We work closely with you to attain a thorough understanding of your business needs, recommend strategic solutions and give you tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

FootBridge helps you achieve your goals through:

  • In-House Engineering Management
  • Dedicated Response Teams
  • High-Volume Supplier Capabilities
  • Rapid Response
  • Flexible Workforce
  • Managed Services Solutions

Our dedicated response teams provide quick, guaranteed results. Request an employee or learn more.

Our services include:

Contract Placement

Strategically augment your permanent staff with a flexible workforce. FootBridge rigorously evaluates each of our candidates before ever presenting them to you, ensuring you receive the absolute best candidates for your short- or long-term needs.


Get the benefits of ongoing productivity of contract placement while evaluating the candidate’s long-term potential on a daily basis in your particular work environment.

Permanent Placement

Searching for your company’s next permanent hire can be costly and time-consuming. FootBridge offers proven solutions to the complexities of full-time hiring. Together we will develop a strategy to supply the best candidates to meet your exact needs and support the success and growth of your company.

Managed Services

Allow FootBridge to manage your large contingent workforce. We can handle timekeeping, reporting, job reqs and training while you focus on your core competencies.